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Sunday, 9 September 2012

What's Hot Now: Nails: The Right Shade of Peach

I recently asked my followers on Twitter what colour nail polish I should try next. The resounding answer was peach. So I began my search, filling my Fashion Finds Pinterest board with pictures of peach nails. When I tried to actually find the shade to purchase however, I realised I would be on the hunt for a while. For whatever reason I just couldn't find the right shade of peach. Herein begins my new feature on Beautiful You.... the search for the Right Shade of Peach.

Attempt 1: Go Local
I stopped by a local Rx ( Mall Plaza Pharmacy for those who are interested) and picked up my first trial run test subject: 'Peach' by Turah.

Turah is actually a local brand of nail polish, produced right here in Jamaica. I've seen it for years but never really bought one until now. The name of the colour is Peach ( #75) even though it looks more like just a normal pink. Its a sheer polish, and ideally I want an opaque polish with more orange in it, but I figured its local ( buy brand Jamaica woo!!) and its called Peach, I mean.... all signs are clearly pointing to this one! I like the colour a lot, but if you look at my nail polish collection you wouldn't be surprised that I do.... its like 90% shades of pink. I've even gotten a few compliments on it too.

The only problem I have with this nail polish is that it shifts under top coat. Maybe its the top coat I use, maybe I didn't wait long enough.. I don't know. But even after waiting on entire night, going to bed and all, then applying a top coat in the morning, all of the polish shifted. So I ended up with jacked up nails by the time I got to work.

That aside, I wore it for an entire week and did not need to do any touch ups, so it wore pretty well. This Turah trial was fairly successful...but I'm not satisfied. So I'll be back with another post soon on the next trial run in my search to find the Right Shade of Peach.

[ Want to purchase a Turah nail polish? Need more information? Email Catherine Galma Tucker in Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies at]

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