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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Little but Tallawah- Avon Lipgloss Review

For those who don't know that Jamaican saying it means being small but resilient, powerful despite your size or circumstance. NOW, earlier this year I purchased a makeup kit from Avon (don't knock it till you've tried it), that had a bunchhhhh of stuff in it.. I mean..... NUFF TINGS in it!
 (comment if you want to see a haul video ;))

 A lot of the items in it were sample size and I think the kit was part of a special offer at the time. One of the items I LOVE from the kit which I have integrated into my pro kit and daily makeup routine are these little lipglosses. They're Glow Baby Glow Luxe lip glosses, from the Mark makeup collection and trust me, you're gonna glow!. The full size bottles arent very big either because they are hookup glosses, which, for those who aren't familiar with Avon or Mark, hookup  products are small and have a screwable cap that connects to another product.

This is the full size :
This is the sample size:

For a bottle that small you get a fairly good amount of product out of it. The colour payoff is also great for such a small bottle. The Luxe collection glosses all have shimmer/glitter in them, Glow Baby Blow glosses don't. The shimmer isn't  chunky or heavy and the finish is very glossy. I was also pleasantly surprised that they weren't sticky on my lips. I've found that it also withstands food and drink fairly well and was still on for the most part after eating.

All in all, I love these little stunners and would definitely recommend them.


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Thats all for now, until later..

:) Charissa Zoe

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

How To: Lace Mask

 [my sister the model lol]

Here's a look that I did on my first photoshoot this past weekend. Want to know how to recreate this look for a  masquerade ball, prom, or anywhere you want to be extra fierce? Scroll down!

You will need:

-sponges/makeup wedges
-black makeup or face paint
-hair clips/ pins

1. First off you want to prep the face as usual. Do your usual face cleansing routine and foundation routine. Make sure to moisturise.
2. Do the eye makeup  first before applying the mask. This look is a simple smokey eye (will do another tutorial) which only uses three colours: black, dark/medium brown, and any highlight colour of your choice. The colours go from dark to light, from the lid to the brow bone. Smudge the black eyeshadow into the  lower lashline and apply lots of liner on  the top lash line and bottom waterline (the inner rim of the eye)
3. The Mask: Get a strip or piece of lace wide enough to be placed over both eyes and long enough to go from ear to ear. Using hair pins or clips, secure the lace behind the ears. Wet the sponge or wedge and saturate with a black eyeshadow or face paint. Press the colour into the lace. Do not swipe. Simply press the colour into the lace, adding layers for more pigmented results.
4. Remove the lace carefully. Using a black liquid liner fill  in or trace any sparse areas following the pattern on the lace.
5. Set with translucent powder for long wear.
6. To remove mask, wipe off with baby oil and cotton balls or swabs.

- lash glue

Dip the toothpick into the  lash glue and pick up a small bead. The pick up a rhinestone and place on the mask at any desired spot. Press in and let dry. [Note: use a black or clear glue to apply the rhinestones so that when it dries it will blend in]

The rest of the face was kept neutral, with light contouring of the cheeks  (using a dark brown shadow). The lip was a lavender colour to help tie in with the colour of her dress which was lavender/purple/pink. False lashes could also be used to amp up the look if desired.

So there you have it. Its a pretty simple look to do. And its a fun look, perfect for a party or prom.

Thats all for now beautiful ppl!  Till later

:) Charissa Zoe

Update and photoshoot

Beautiful people! I've been very delinquent in updating my blog, yes I know, but thats because I've been very busy on the road for my new job. I've been going all around my beautiful country getting to know it more and finding out things I was surprised I didn't know. That said, my trips have given me lots of inspiration for makeup looks and tutorials, so get ready for upcoming videos and posts!! Woot! Also, this past weekend I did my very first photoshoot [insert streamers and confetti throwing here]. I hired my awesome photographer friend Keisha Miles and asked some of my gorgeous friends to be models. All in all the shoot was amazing and as soon as I get the pics you'll be sure to see them on my Facebook page. But until then I'll be putting up pics and tutorials/pictorials of how to achieve the looks from the photoshoot during this week.

That's all for now but stay tuned for more!

Charissa Zoe

Monday, 6 June 2011

Graduation Makeup Package!

To all those lovely 5th form ladies in Kingston Jamaica who are graduating, I have news for you! For graduation 2011 I will be offering a Graduation Makeup Package including graduation day as well as ball night for only $2500!! Yes, thats right, $2500 JMD. I can come to your location, whether it be at home or the venue of the graduation. Call now for bookings at 440-3318 or email Visit my Facebook page for further info.

Hair Update and Hair Regimen

Hey everyone, I'm here with an update from my hair journey. So far I'm around 6 weeks post relaxer however I'm going to stretch my relaxer until at least 10 weeks. For those of you who are starting a hair journey here's a quick look at my hair regimen so that you can see what one looks like. There are a ton of websites out there for girls who want healthier longer hair and I would definitely recommend subscribing to one of them because they provide immense support and information, especially for first timers like myself. My number 1 recommendation is Hairlista Inc. -its free, helpful and the girls on the site are really friendly and willing to help.

Hair regimen:

Every day-       I moisturize with a water based moisturizer, right now I'm using Organics Carrot Oil. I just part my hair and oil the scalp from the back to the front in 1-2 inch sections. I also use Sulphur8 Medicated Anti-Dandruff Hair and Scalp Conditioner because I have dry scalp. I use the Sulphur 8 first before I use the Carrot Oil.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday-    I moisturize with 100% castor oil. Castor oil is great to strengthen and lengthen your hair. If you check Hairlista Inc as well as Youtube you may see girls doing castor oil challenges to boost their hair journeys.

Wednesday- I do a hot oil treatment to increase moisture every Wednesday. I'll use 100% castor oil or a mixture of castor and 100% olive oil. Apply it to the whole head and put on a cap. Sometimes I leave it in overnight then wash it out in the morning.

Saturday- Saturday is my second wash day. Whereas on Wednesdays I will just wash out the hot oil treatment with conditioner, on a Saturday I wash my hair. Depending on how I feel I'll pre-poo ( using a natural oil prior to shampooing; a minor hot oil treatment), then I do a protein treatment using Organic Root Stimulator's Hair Mayonnaise. For a heavier protein treatment I add an egg and some virgin olive oil to my hair mayonnaise and leave it on under a cap for at least an hour without heat.

Whenever I wash my hair I air dry it, and as a rule of thumb I stay away from heat as much as I can. I flat iron my hair when I get it relaxed, around every 10 weeks

Ive only been on a hair journey since April of this year but so far I can see the results in my hair in terms of seeing my hair get stronger. Its still somewhat of a struggle but I'm gonna keep working towards APL (Arm Pit Length) by the end of this year.

That's all for now beautiful people! If you have any questions then don't be afraid to comment.

till later

Saturday, 14 May 2011

look of the night- blue smokey eye

Hey beautiful people!
Today I'm gonna show you how to achieve this look ------> a soft blue smokey eye

Firstly prime the eye: I'm using my Coastal Scents Eclipse Palette
 [ 2nd from the right at the bottom]

Then taking a highlight colour, place that on the brow bone. I'm using two I-Mark eyeshadows from Mark by Avon, Whisper( bottom right) and Fairy Dust( top left). I mix those two together then apply it to the browbone.

Then I apply Corset( 2nd from right bottom row) by I-Mark in the crease and on the outer V

Afterwards, take Whisper and Fairy Dust again and apply to the lid. On top of that add NYX pearl loose eyeshadow in Pink to the inner corner

Then apply a black eyeshadow to the outer V to darken it. I'm using the black from my Coastal Scents 88 palette.

 Add eyeliner to both lid and lower waterline, use the Corset eyeshadow on the lower lash line,  add mascara and YOU'RE DONE!

Till later :)

Friday, 13 May 2011

the big chop!

guess what??? im chopping off my hair tomorrow!!!! ok to not be so melodramatic, i'm going to be trimming off all the dead ends off my hair so that my hair journey can really take off and i can have long hair thats healthy.
i'm kinda nervous about it but I will keep you posted on the progress so stay tuned for photos tomorrow and check out my youtube page bumbleb232 maybe i'll post a video there.

stay tuned for more!!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mother's Day brunch makeup look

Beautiful people!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. I hope you had a great day with your children. For my mom we went out to a nice brunch before taking her to the airport because she had to go to Canada for work. I did this look today, a natural look, really simple with a pop of gold eyeshadow. This look can easily go from day to night by brightening the gold. I hope you like!

Make a mother smile today! :)
till later

Foundation- Black Opal Liquid Foundation in Truly Topaz
Powder- Jordana pressed powder in Honey Amber and MAC NW50
Blush- Mary Kay blush in Cinnamon

NYX Pearl Loose Eyeshadow in Oro Pearl
Contour shade: the MAC nw50 powder
black pencil eyeliner

Mark Glow Baby Glow in Sun Luxe

Brushes used:


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hair Journey

Hello beautiful people!!!

I've decided to start a hair journey, like many persons have done on Youtube. I'm just starting and my first goal is APL ( Arm Pit Length). My plan so far is to co wash once a week on Wednesdays and to wash it on Saturdays, both times I will deep condition/moisture treatment. Then every 6 weeks I'll do a protein treatment. Also im gonna stretch out my relaxer to at least 10 or 12 weeks. I moisturise every day with either coconut oil or a mixture natural oils ( coconut, castor, jojoba, olive etc)

Thats basically it for now. I really want to get to APL but i have to get my hair healthy first because right now its breaking pretty badly. Updates will be coming!! See pics below for where I'm at right now.

All for now
*embrace your pretty!!*

Sunday, 1 May 2011


My friend asked me to do a carnival inspired look for a magazine show filming thingamajig this Thursday so I decided to do a test run. What do you think?? This is the look I came up with, minus lashes and rhinestones. Theres nothing else on my face except the eyeshadow.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Coastal Scents 88 Palette Review

Hello internet!! lol Today I'm going to be reviewing the Coastal Scents 88 palette which I bought recently from I definitely wanted to share this info with all of you beautiful people out there!!

To start off, I've been hearing so much about these palettes from Youtubers and makeup artistes here in Kingston, so I figured why not try them out. My opinion: they lived up to expectation! Here are my favourite things about this palette:

1. Inexpensive- Coastal Scents products are inexpensive right across the board, from their foundations, to palettes to concealers, all of their products will not break your budget!
2. Quality- I found the 88 palette to be of great quality. The colour payoff from the shadows is phenomenal and the size of each eyeshadow in the palette isn't bad for the price.
3. Range of colours- OMG!!! So many colours to choose from!! I love that the range of colours in the palette is so wide and also the colours range from matte to shimmer in terms of finish. Love, love love!

The only problems I had with this particular palette is that when I got it, the red to the right of the palette at the bottom was loose and it fell out and broke. :( But I dont know if thats Coastal Scent's fault or if it got banged up during shipping and stuff, but all it takes is some hot glue and it can go right back in.

So thats it!! My review of the Coastal Scents 88 palette. I definitely recommend their products to anyone, whether you're a beginner or a pro makeup artist. The products are affordable, of great quality and they are going to last a long time. Check them out here at and you can see the host of other products that they have. Also, they have sales all the time so its good to check their site pretty often.

Till next time 
Charissa :)

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hey everyone!

Just finished up a crazy week at school. I'm in my final year doing public relations and the pressure is on! I did however get a chance to do some makeup at school recently. I worked on a dance show for the University Dance Society; they were great to work with and I'm so glad I did the show because now I've made so many potential clients and even better friends :). Check out my FB page for some of the photos and stay tuned here for pics as well.