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Monday, 6 June 2011

Hair Update and Hair Regimen

Hey everyone, I'm here with an update from my hair journey. So far I'm around 6 weeks post relaxer however I'm going to stretch my relaxer until at least 10 weeks. For those of you who are starting a hair journey here's a quick look at my hair regimen so that you can see what one looks like. There are a ton of websites out there for girls who want healthier longer hair and I would definitely recommend subscribing to one of them because they provide immense support and information, especially for first timers like myself. My number 1 recommendation is Hairlista Inc. -its free, helpful and the girls on the site are really friendly and willing to help.

Hair regimen:

Every day-       I moisturize with a water based moisturizer, right now I'm using Organics Carrot Oil. I just part my hair and oil the scalp from the back to the front in 1-2 inch sections. I also use Sulphur8 Medicated Anti-Dandruff Hair and Scalp Conditioner because I have dry scalp. I use the Sulphur 8 first before I use the Carrot Oil.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday-    I moisturize with 100% castor oil. Castor oil is great to strengthen and lengthen your hair. If you check Hairlista Inc as well as Youtube you may see girls doing castor oil challenges to boost their hair journeys.

Wednesday- I do a hot oil treatment to increase moisture every Wednesday. I'll use 100% castor oil or a mixture of castor and 100% olive oil. Apply it to the whole head and put on a cap. Sometimes I leave it in overnight then wash it out in the morning.

Saturday- Saturday is my second wash day. Whereas on Wednesdays I will just wash out the hot oil treatment with conditioner, on a Saturday I wash my hair. Depending on how I feel I'll pre-poo ( using a natural oil prior to shampooing; a minor hot oil treatment), then I do a protein treatment using Organic Root Stimulator's Hair Mayonnaise. For a heavier protein treatment I add an egg and some virgin olive oil to my hair mayonnaise and leave it on under a cap for at least an hour without heat.

Whenever I wash my hair I air dry it, and as a rule of thumb I stay away from heat as much as I can. I flat iron my hair when I get it relaxed, around every 10 weeks

Ive only been on a hair journey since April of this year but so far I can see the results in my hair in terms of seeing my hair get stronger. Its still somewhat of a struggle but I'm gonna keep working towards APL (Arm Pit Length) by the end of this year.

That's all for now beautiful people! If you have any questions then don't be afraid to comment.

till later

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