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Monday, 4 June 2012

Spring Beauty Influenster VoxBox

I am super excited, I finally got my Spring Beauty Influenster VoxBox. Wohoo!! This baby was packed with cool stuff for me to try. If you don’t know about Influenster, check them out. You sign up for free and do little quizzes to earn badges then if you qualify they choose you to receive a free package called a VoxBox with samples of products for you to try and review. Since I do this all the while in real life with products that I try and just recommending them to by friends I figured I would be able to do Influenster. 

I am in Jamaica but I have a courier address in the states so I had the stuff sent to me here from there. If you are in the States (Or Canada, they are gonna start shipping there now) then the products will be sent free to your door. I suppose I’m an exception because of course to clear the products at customs it costs money. Anyhoos! I got my VoxBox and here’s whats in it:

Sheer Cover Concealer/ Sally Hansen Nail Effects/ Dr. Scholl’s For Her ( which was a bonus)/ Aveeno Active Naturals body wash/ Bath and Body Works perfume/ Chapstick LipShield360 and 1 SoyJoy bar.

So far I’ve tried the SoyJoy bar and the Chapstick. If you follow me on Twitter (@charissazoe... go follow me now!) you know how I felt about the SoyJoy bar: pretty good.

 My rating: 7/10 because:

-          I loved the little pieces of real fruit in it
-          I loved that it tasted healthy, I really felt like I was doing my body a huge favour ;)
-          The packaging was nice and simple
-          It had lots of fiber, vitamin A and Potassium and its gluten free and free of lots of other bad stuff too
-          It did taste healthy... like really healthy, which after a while gave me a bad taste in my mouth, i don’t know why.
-          Because of that I couldn’t finish it. Maybe if they had a mini bar or like ‘Soyjoy Bites’ or something that was half the size and you could just pop it in your mouth, then that would have gone over better

Chapstick LipShield 365gets a better rating: 5/5. I’ve needed a new chapstick for weeks since my Blistex one finished. I couldn’t get around to buying one and I was so happy that one came in this VoxBox. It has SPF50+ ( lots of sunscreen) and skin protectant. Its supposed to help repvent sunburn as well as prevent cracked/chafed lips like all lip balms. It was sealed when I got it, in its own cute little package. On the package it says that its good for all seasons, winter or summer, which is great because in Jamaica its HOT and summer is approaching so its VERY HOT. [ like sweat in your sleep cause your room feels like fire kinda hot].  I spent Sunday on a catamaran for 3 hours in full sun and made sure to wear my LipShield365. Here are the results:

-          It smells like a fruit smoothie! Thats enough for me to want to use it LOL!
-          The application is smooth like baby oil. I tried a lip balm the other day from Burt’s Bees and it would crumble as you put it on, plus it made your lips look white. So i was super excited when this one went on smoothly
      My lips were fully moisturised for the entire catamaran cruise, they didn't feel chapped at any point in time and I didn't have to reapply.
      My only drawback is that it tastes like sunblock ( no I've never eaten sunblock before, it tastes like the smell of sunblock >__>)

     I'm looking forward to trying more of the products and blogging about them. Stay tuned here for more details.

What should I blog about next? Sally Hansen Nail Effects/ Dr Scholls.

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