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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

How To: Lace Mask

 [my sister the model lol]

Here's a look that I did on my first photoshoot this past weekend. Want to know how to recreate this look for a  masquerade ball, prom, or anywhere you want to be extra fierce? Scroll down!

You will need:

-sponges/makeup wedges
-black makeup or face paint
-hair clips/ pins

1. First off you want to prep the face as usual. Do your usual face cleansing routine and foundation routine. Make sure to moisturise.
2. Do the eye makeup  first before applying the mask. This look is a simple smokey eye (will do another tutorial) which only uses three colours: black, dark/medium brown, and any highlight colour of your choice. The colours go from dark to light, from the lid to the brow bone. Smudge the black eyeshadow into the  lower lashline and apply lots of liner on  the top lash line and bottom waterline (the inner rim of the eye)
3. The Mask: Get a strip or piece of lace wide enough to be placed over both eyes and long enough to go from ear to ear. Using hair pins or clips, secure the lace behind the ears. Wet the sponge or wedge and saturate with a black eyeshadow or face paint. Press the colour into the lace. Do not swipe. Simply press the colour into the lace, adding layers for more pigmented results.
4. Remove the lace carefully. Using a black liquid liner fill  in or trace any sparse areas following the pattern on the lace.
5. Set with translucent powder for long wear.
6. To remove mask, wipe off with baby oil and cotton balls or swabs.

- lash glue

Dip the toothpick into the  lash glue and pick up a small bead. The pick up a rhinestone and place on the mask at any desired spot. Press in and let dry. [Note: use a black or clear glue to apply the rhinestones so that when it dries it will blend in]

The rest of the face was kept neutral, with light contouring of the cheeks  (using a dark brown shadow). The lip was a lavender colour to help tie in with the colour of her dress which was lavender/purple/pink. False lashes could also be used to amp up the look if desired.

So there you have it. Its a pretty simple look to do. And its a fun look, perfect for a party or prom.

Thats all for now beautiful ppl!  Till later

:) Charissa Zoe

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