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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Little but Tallawah- Avon Lipgloss Review

For those who don't know that Jamaican saying it means being small but resilient, powerful despite your size or circumstance. NOW, earlier this year I purchased a makeup kit from Avon (don't knock it till you've tried it), that had a bunchhhhh of stuff in it.. I mean..... NUFF TINGS in it!
 (comment if you want to see a haul video ;))

 A lot of the items in it were sample size and I think the kit was part of a special offer at the time. One of the items I LOVE from the kit which I have integrated into my pro kit and daily makeup routine are these little lipglosses. They're Glow Baby Glow Luxe lip glosses, from the Mark makeup collection and trust me, you're gonna glow!. The full size bottles arent very big either because they are hookup glosses, which, for those who aren't familiar with Avon or Mark, hookup  products are small and have a screwable cap that connects to another product.

This is the full size :
This is the sample size:

For a bottle that small you get a fairly good amount of product out of it. The colour payoff is also great for such a small bottle. The Luxe collection glosses all have shimmer/glitter in them, Glow Baby Blow glosses don't. The shimmer isn't  chunky or heavy and the finish is very glossy. I was also pleasantly surprised that they weren't sticky on my lips. I've found that it also withstands food and drink fairly well and was still on for the most part after eating.

All in all, I love these little stunners and would definitely recommend them.


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Thats all for now, until later..

:) Charissa Zoe

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